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Investment Products

Invest wisely

Invest your time in the best possible way.

Benefit from decentralized finance and compound interest, at low risk and without intermediaries.

With the launch of our investment product alongside 2PI, you will be able to invest your cryptocurrencies in DeFi and obtain returns in the same currency in which you invested.

Invest safely, our wallet is non-custodial, which will allow you to always have control and custody of your assets.

Make your capital work for you and optimize your investments.

Check the nominal rates and ensure your returns.


Active investment strategy with a return of 9.2% per year.


Active investment strategy with a return of
25% per year.

All four cryptocurrencies and their investment products are located on the Polygon Blockchain.

*Annual rates of return are not fixed, they are variable. They are based on historical returns belonging to 2021.