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Financial Freedom

Principles of Financial Freedom

All roads have their map and your journey towards financial freedom, too. The goal is a point on the horizon that helps us stay aligned with our purpose, but to reach it, we must focus on what matters most to us without forgetting that each step takes us forward. Welcome to the first trip of the rest of your life.

#Regain control of your money

Take control of your assets and learn how to safeguard them without intermediaries.

Date: NOV 2021

Smart Wallet Release.

#Be the protagonist of the story

Be part of the change. Get to know your community and be an active part of it. More and more people are pushing the new rules of decentralized finance.

Date: NOV 2021

Launch #NFT for GOOD

#Work as a team

You don’t have to walk the path alone. The more people who accompany you, the easier it will be.

Date: FEB 2022

Launch of the referral program: Matic + Financial Freedom NFT

#Get capital

Discover all the DeFi possibilities and receive incentives to make your payments with 0% commissions.

Period: From FEB 11 to MAR 31

#Discover cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have arrived to democratize access to finance.

Date: FEB 2022

MOONPay On Ramp Launch

#Invest wisely

Invest your time in the best way and take control of your assets.

Date: FEB 2022

2PI investment product launch

#Diversify your positions

Broaden your game, analyze the options and look for your best results. Keep growing your NFT collections and protect the value of your works.

Date: MAR 2022

“LATAM Independences and Revolutions” NFT Collection

#Contribute to the community

Be part of your community projects and get achievements for it. Growth is constant and you are an important part of it.

Date: SEP 2022

“Latin American Generative Art” NFT Collection

#Never stop growing

Invest in your education. Train, improve and educate yourself with tools that nurture your potential. Your education is critical to protecting your newfound freedom.

Cooming soon

Investor profile test

#Wake up others

You already know the way, it’s time to help those who still do not know the possibilities that their financial freedom has. We can all contribute to a financially free world.

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